Video Game Parodies and Youtube

2013-02-05 10:25:19 by thekiwi


Im currenly working on a Video game parody Compilation (MR.ORIGINAL RIGHT HERE) I am still working on
the sonic short.

It's going to have a different style then the others I made because I made them months ago.

Also I have a youtube Channel Where I post Video game related stuff on weekly ! (No letsplays dont worry)

That's really It.

Video Game Parodies and Youtube


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2013-02-05 12:26:25

The plural of "parody" is "parodies".

thekiwi responds:

Thanks I fixed it :D


2013-02-05 15:24:02

ManDog, do you have to be a worthless piece of shit your whole life?

thekiwi responds:

haha, I deleted all his comments. I don't even know what he tried to spam anyway.


2013-02-05 16:09:11

Usually, people snap at me when I correct them. You have my respect.